Friday, 17 February 2012

An amazing appeal hearing by the BBC Trust

Excerpts from the appeal hearing in bold print
Interspersed with my commentary

".... The appellant has held a TV licence for several years. The previous licence expired on 30 June 2010. The complainant’s partner renewed the licence online (with a new email address) on 1 July 2010 ...."

Ok so here we have a couple of good customers with continuous tv licence coverage

".... selecting the “new licence” rather than the “renew licence” box. This was due to there being no facility for the TV licence to be renewed in a different name..."

The customers did absolutely nothing wrong, they bought a tv license.

".... TV Licensing did not know that the new licence purchased was to renew the previous licence, although they knew it was at the same address ...."

What? I find myself almost speechless at the BBC's barefaced incompetence in spouting that ridiculous statement.

".... They therefore assumed that the appellant’s previous licence had expired and not been renewed, ..."

Bizarre thinking by the by the BBC, which makes Monty Python straightlaced in comparision

"....and they therefore wrote a reminder letter in July 2010 and a forceful letter (including “HEREBY GIVEN OFFICIAL NOTICE” on the envelope) in August 2010. The appellant complained about receiving “threatening” letters which were unjustified...."

So a couple of excellent long-term BBC paying customers did absolutely nothing wrong, they acted honestly and legally. The BBC threatened them. A disgrace.

To be continued............

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