Friday, 17 February 2012

An amazing appeal hearing - Part 2


Now let's take a sample of some of the BBC Trust's conclusions

"The Committee concluded .... that the original event that led to the complaint was the appellant’s partner selecting ‘new licence’ rather than ‘renew licence’ on the TV Licensing website....."

Read the earlier part of the appeal again - the website made it impossible for the partner to make the payment by selecting "renew licence" and the only way possible was to select "new licence".
The BBC seem to be under the impression that a licence covers only one person. Here's some news for you BBC, a licence covers an address, doesn't matter which of the householders buys the licence.

".... there are situations where an address that previously required one licence could change to require two licences ..."

Obviously not applicable in this case, which is a single address. And think about it - using exactly the same warped logic, the BBC could continuously harass every honest licence paying household in the country.

"....there may be scope to further reduce the risk that a person in a licensed home is nevertheless challenged as a licence fee evader..."

That was the understatement of the year.
Yes there is enormous scope - and here is how to do it - drastically alter the BBC's flawed licensing databases and systems.

"....This would require some form of more proactive checking by TV

Yes indeed, and here is a proactive check the BBC should do (even though it may seem to the BBC rather revolutionary) -
To do a simple address lookup, BEFORE they harass their own paying customers. Trouble is, I doubt if they can?

"....the onus remained on the person renewing to follow the appropriate process....."

Again I am shocked. BBC do you realise that if an address has a valid tv license, any threats you make against that household are incompetent and immoral?. Don't blame it on honest people.

to be continued ..............

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